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How to be less stressed at work

How to be less stressed at work

You are much more likely to get a promotion or a raise if you keep a clean orderly work area. When a survey was conducted on the importance of organization, 51% of bosses think that there is an important link between an employee’s effectiveness and the organization of their desk or office.

There is also real evidence that this is more than an impression. If your office is clean and organized you are more efficient. You do not loose things and you complete your tasks quicker and more accurately. Studies show that people with messy desks spend over one hour per day looking for missing things or being distracted by things.

Clutter also causes stress. The hormone cortisol is released when you are surrounded by a mess. If the level of cortisol is elevated consistently it will cause anxiety and agitation. This kind of stress speeds up the aging process and increases the risk of heart disease.

The good news is that in a clean area, endorphins are released. These make you feel great! Feeling stressed at work? Clean up your desk and you will immediately feel better!

Remember that a clean desk can still be cluttered. Remove all excess knick knacks, joke props and excessive personal pictures. They are seen as immature and a distraction by most employers. Use the rule of three. Only have three personal items visible. This means 2 pictures and 1 plant.

Your desk may also be a communal area. People come into your office, they touch things, they sneeze and they spread germs. Make sure to use cleaning spray or disinfectant on the common areas. This will keep you healthy. When you are healthy you are much more happy and productive at work. Making it easier to get that raise!

It is best to eat away from your desk. You never want old food or stains in your work area.

If you have clients at your desk, remember that you are a representative of the company. You need to look professional. Have a clean office and your customers will have more confidence in you. Have a great filing system where you can access things easily and they will be impressed with your efficiency. If you impress clients, you will impress your boss!